Void Waves January 2017

A short puzzle game about using satellites to bounce radio waves developed as part of Loaded Games for the Games for Global Game Jam 2017

Unity, PC/Mac

As a Global Game Jam entry, this project was developed within a 48 hour period, including sleeping and eating. I worked with my Loaded Games colleagues to program the game and two artists to draw the 2D assets. The theme of this game was "Waves", so we decided to make a game about bouncing radio waves off satellites to pass on a message.

The idea became a puzzle game where the player must choose a suitable position and rotation in orbit around a planet to place a satellite so that a radio transmission sent from your home planet successfully reaches an alien spaceship at the other side of the screen. The player must manoeuvre the waves around planets and asteroids in the way. Using too many satellites would cause the original message to become scrambled and offend the aliens, causing you to get the bad ending, whilst sending the message with few satellites would get the good ending. There were a range of other mechanics such as space dust, satellite cost, black holes, and satellite collisions that were planned but not implemented due to the strict time deadline. We also didn't manage to make more than one level.

I am very happy with the result we produced given the time limit, despite constant shortcuts and mistakes that made it into the final build (the intro cinematic was supposed to come after the main menu, not before, but for some reason this wasn't clear to me and I put it in the wrong place).

My Contributions

  • Programmed implementation for animations.
  • Created and programmed implementation for SFX.
  • Composed soundtrack.
  • Programmed menus
  • Programmed intro scene.