Somewhere Strange January 2017

A short exploration game set on an alien planet.

Unity, PC

My first full game release. It took around 45 hours to create from start to finish. My aim for this project was to demonstrate my asset creation abilities. I modelled all the trees, houses, and furniture, created all the textures and SFX, and recorded all the voice lines. I also programmed the majority of the C# scripts used.

The idea was to make a game set on an alien world where I could model and decorate homes that are designed for a different species to live in, having different requirements to human homes. For example one house is home to a family of child-sized aliens so the player must crouch to get in the front door. Another house has a different atmosphere so the player must hold their breath. I then came up with a short narrative to lead the player into exploring all of the houses and explain why they were all missing their occupants. The player believes the answer is hidden in a bunker in town with six locks on it, so they must find and interact with the six consoles that are found in each of the six homes.

I call this project my first full release because it is the first game I have developed alone that I believe stands on it's own. I think the ending as it is is an anti-climax and somewhat unclear and confusing, but it was what I could develop in the time I spent. I also learnt that voice acting is a lot of fun.

Project Features

  • FPS character controller that can crouch and interact with objects in front of it.
  • Scripting with specifically timed voice responses and plot developments.
  • Fully original art assets including 3d models, textures, SFX, and music.
  • Fully voice acted by yours truly.