An abstract bullet-hell game developed as part of Loaded Games for the Games for Better Game Jam 2016

Unity, PC

My first game jam project developed within a strict time limit of 48 hours. I worked as a team, programming alongside my two Loaded Games colleagues and getting art and sound from my roommate and a music student. The aim of the jam was to develop a game touching on the theme of antibiotic resistance. We were awarded third place and were asked to speak about our game at VentureFest South West 2016.

In the game you play as bacteria being attacked by antibiotics. The antibiotics' bullet-hell attacks are hard to survive, but over time the player will start to memorise and learn to dodge them. The concept was that the player's skill development would be a metaphor for how bacteria start to learn how to resist antibiotics over time.

I believe this project was extremely good experience for team-based games development. Not only was communication of a singular concept across the team crucial, but the two other programmers and I had to use source control to develop the game simulateously. There were some scares with using source control on Unity scenes and accidentally creating branches but in the end my teammates and I developed a full understanding and created a set of precautions for ourselves.

My Contributions

  • Pitched the game concept and the intro.
  • Programmed the scrolling background, menus, randomised player sprites, good bacteria enemies, and heartbeat monitor cutscene as well as helping code other parts of the game.