Paper Boy XTREME January 2017

An attempt of a 3D FPS remake of the classic arcade game.

Unity, PC

The result of my earlier bike game experiment. Developed over roughly 20 hours, Paper Boy XTREME is a short and simplistic attempt at recreating the arcade game Paper Boy using my new and improved, more arcadey FPS bike controller.

Instead of being a group of independent physics objects, the bike is now a single physics object that artificially moves around and is simply animated to look like a real bike. This method is not perfect but it's far more stable and far more fun to control than the original.

To emulate Paper Boy I created a game loop where the player has a short amount of time to deliver papers to colour-coded houses on a small street. Once time is up or they run out of papers they are scored for the number of papers they delivered to correct houses, and if all the required houses are delivered to, an additional house will subscribe to the newspaper. Then the next day starts, and the player must do it again with a different street of houses. The game continues until the end of Sunday. I didn't spend the time adding in the features of getting points for destroying non-subscribers houses, losing subscribers if you knock over their bins, or obstacles trying to stop you, although I planned to and if I did spend more time on this project, I would have liked to.

Project Features

  • Improved arcadey FPS bike controller.
  • Level and points system.
  • Scripting of pre- and post-level cutscenes.
  • Some original models and personally recorded voice over.