Measurement Convert May 2016

A basic conversion program that converts a value of one measurement to another.

C#, PC

This project was a challenge to show off my abilities to code using only algorithmic coding and no in-built language functions barring StreamReader. The program allows the user to use command line to enter an amount of a measurement, and a measurement they want to convert it into. The program will read from a file a list of conversion ratios (e.g. "10, centimetres, metres" tells the program that a metre is 10 centimetres). The user can convert metres to centimetres and the reverse using just this file. The measurements in the file can be in any order, plural or singular, have a space in between commas or not, and any capitalisation. You can also mix measurments, so if another line in the file lists the number of centimetres in a yard, you can convert directly from metres to yards. This is done by doing multiple searches of a series of built-from-scratch linked lists.

Download Game (.zip)

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