ButterFighters December 2016

A split-screen arena shooter where everyone is too clumsy to keep a hold of their guns.

Unity, PC

In ButterFighters two players must fight each other to the death, best 2 kills out of 3 wins. They're both armed with hand cannons so deadly they can kill a man in a single shot. The guns are also so powerful that a single shot is enough to send it flying out of wielder's hand. You'd better hope you're a good shot, and if not you better hope you're quicker to scramble and pick up your gun than your opponent.

ButterFighters was a random idea I came up with and pitched to my colleagues at Loaded Games. We decided to try and make it at Ludum Dare 37, and then just try and fit it in with the theme. In the end the theme was "One Room", so we simply made the map for the game take place inside a room of a warehouse. The game was to be made over 72 hours, but as our team were also the sole hosts of the location we were jamming in, we didn't end up doing 72 hours worth of work. We ran into countless problems in development, many of which are still in the submitted build, but it is still playable. In the end, it remains a decent proof of concept for a better idea.

Project Features

  • Unique gameplay hook.
  • Two player split-screen.
  • XBOX 360 controller support.
  • Unique models.