Ant Simulation January 2016

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A simulation of a colony of ants searching for food and returning it to their nests.

C#, PC

This project was a test of my C# algorithmic skills and took around 20 hours to complete. The aim was to simulate a colony of ants that seek out food on a top-down plane and carry it back to a nest. The ants needed to find both a pile of food and a nest before they could complete this, but they share the location of the last food pile or nest they've come across to any other ants they bump into. Piles of food will eventually run out and when an ant realises a pile of food they were travelling to is gone, they will forget about it. Ants can also forget locations from time to time. Additionally a separate species of red bandit ant will steal food from regular ants and remember that location, assuming that another ant will be there soon.

Project Features

  • Functional ant and bandit ant AI routines.
  • User interface to pause the simulation, and place food and nests for the ants to interact with with mouse clicks.

Download Simulator (.zip)

Bitbucket Repo