So what's this all about then?


Hi, my name is Rudi Jay Prentice, I'm a Plymouth University student and I develop video games. This site is where you'll find my portfolio work.

That's the brief. They say brevity is the soul of wit so the wall of text below probably says something bad about me.

I am currently in my second year of study in Computing & Games Development. It's a great course that covers all the essential computer science skills as well as a wide range of game development-specific modules like Unity development and 3D modelling. I also help guide first year students on the course as a PALS Leader and I am on the committee for the Games Development Society at the uni where I help prepare weekly talks and host game jams for our members. I previously studied mathematics, computing, and film studies at A level and did pretty well for myself.

I am the co-founder of games development company Loaded Games alongside two other Plymouth students. So far Loaded Games has participated in a number of game jams, producing titles like Butterfighters and Void Waves. All of my projects with Loaded Games are also listed on this site.

I've wanted to make video games ever since I was a kid but back then I didn't know how. By now I've had a few releases so it's probably safe to say that's changed. I enjoy all sorts of games, but any game that has good gameplay whilst also managing to tell a good story will get my attention quickest. Though these days I spend more time griping about games on NeoGAF than actually playing them. I'm proud of my collection of bad PS2 games, concept art books, and tv blu-ray sets, but not proud of the amount of money I've spent on them.

On this website you'll find a catalogue of my best and brightest programming and design work, as well as the rest. I try to make sure all of my projects are available for download if possible. I hope you enjoy interacting with them.