2D Space January 2016


  • Mouse cursor to aim, click to fire
  • Up arrow/W key to accelerate
  • Down arrow/S key to decelerate and reverse
  • Left and right arrows/A and D keys to turn
  • Esc to pause

A top down shooter prototype where Living Satellite Observo must fend off an infinite supply of violent rocks.

Phaser, Javascript

This project was built as both a test of my capabilities with Phaser at the time and a remake of my first project. As such it's also a top-down space shooter however this time the enemies are infinite. It had a larger scope with increasingly difficult enemy types, but in the end I only ended up implementing rocks. The project was fairly easy to complete, and only took roughly 10 hours, but there were a lot of technical difficulties and limitations faced in the project that led to this being my last use of Phaser such as a bounty of sound bugs, but I am happy enough with this result despite how barebones it is. The sprites were all done by me. I used royalty free explosion, crash, and laser sounds, and built the music by combining a few looping tracks.